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[K12OSN] New Server

I have just received the following advertisement and wondered what
everyone thinks about this as a K12LTSP server for about 30 clients. I
don;t know much about servers. What is the x235 like?

A. Ex-lease
IBM xSeries x235 Server
Xeron 2.0GHz
1024MB ECC DDR Ram
ServeRAID 5i
3 x 34.6GB 10k SCSI's
Onboard Gigabit
Dual PSU's

Price:$ NZ 850.00 + gst = $US 525
Plus extra 1GB RAM
       $ NZ 180 +gst = $US 110

TOTAL: $ NZ 1030 + gst = $US 635

I was also considering this option:
B. Brand New
Intel Pentium D Dual Core 805 2.66GHz 2X1MB 533MHz FSB LGA775
Asus P5LD2 Intel 945P LGA775 ATX 1066FSB Pentium D DDR2
2 GB DDR2 533Mhz ram
Seagate BARRACUDA 7200.9 160GB NCQ SATA2 3.5LP 2MB 11MS 7200rpm
Cost =$NZ 954 + gst  = $590 US

C. We are currently have 2x AMD 2500XP with 2 GB RAM and 120MB SATA HD
+ gigalan in desktop tower cases. We are using one of them as K12LTSP
server. If I got a new server I would use the current machines as 1.
smldap /home server and 2. backuppc server.  I would also run Windows
on VMware server on one of them to cater for a few legacy apps.
Or are these 2 machines adequate. i.e. 1. K12ltsp server 2. VMware
Windows + backuppc

I tend to favour A the exLease IBM because it is designed as a server
so should be more reliable etc. The SCSI drives should give a good
performance boost I have been told. It also sounds like a good base to
build from. It has room for expansion in RAM, HD, another CPU etc.

What do the experts think about these options?

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