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Re: [K12OSN] Can you tell if client is i386 or PPC?

On 7/14/06, Eric Harrison <eharrison mail mesd k12 or us> wrote:
On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Robert Arkiletian wrote:

> I am just finishing Fl_TeacherTool 0.33. I need some help to figure
> out is there any way to discover if a certain client defined by
> hostname wsxxx.ltsp or it's ip is either i386 or PPC?
> Or maybe some env variable?

The only thing I can think of is the kernel version, the apples have
"ppc" in the kernel name. This might work (untested)...

        if [ "`/usr/bin/ltspinfo -h $ip -c KERNEL_VERSION | grep -i ppc`" ]; then
                echo "ppc"
                echo "i386"

Thanks Eric but I just remembered that you probably didn't build the
Xvnc module for the PPC arch in the LBE. So it's really a moot point.
I am just going to state a known limitation in my release notes that
Monitor/Control will not work with PPC cpu clients. It fails
gracefully on PPC clients, which is good.

Robert Arkiletian
Eric Hamber Secondary, Vancouver, Canada
Fl_TeacherTool http://www3.telus.net/public/robark/Fl_TeacherTool/
C++ GUI tutorial http://www3.telus.net/public/robark/

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