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Re: [K12OSN] Broken repository or URL that affects smbldap-installer

On Tue, 2006-07-11 at 02:53 -0400, David Trask wrote:
> Thanks for confirming this.  I added the --disablerepo=core  to the
> distro_data.pm file in the smbldap-installer and it appears to work fine
> now.  Feels like a hack, but at least it's just an installer.  I visited
> the bug page....doesn't appear to be much movement on it....got any clout
> with the RH guys or Fedora guys who can fix this?  It's an annoying bug...

has been updated by the maintainer with a request to see if this has
been fixed in yum-2.9.

Is anyone willing to spend some time testing if yum-2.9 has this bug?
yum-2.9 is available from Fedora's development repository, not from the
Fedora Core 5 branch and I'm not able to test this now.

It might be as simple as upgrading yum to the development version and
testing that everything works.  Or it might involve upgrading yum and a
bunch of other dependencies to the development version (which may or may
not be stable).


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