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Re: [K12OSN] ldap sucess!!! AND webmin

On Sat, 15 Jul 2006 19:29:32 -0400, Peter Hartmann wrote
> Ok, so the one time I decide not to do a media check THREE out of 5
> discs fail. but all md5sums pass.  And no matter how many I burn them
> they always fail.  NFS install is my new friend that's for sure. 
>  Also the new webmin-1.290-1 has the samba create user part fixed 
> with create users from batch file. One thing I noticed: with 
> creating users with pre encrypted passwords, it would only work if 
> you set the module to use {crypt}.  

So if I understand this correctly, as long as someone uses the newest Webmin
the instructions I posted before will now set up webmin's ldap module as a
complete solution for LDAP management with bulk imports and all?  Did you have
to make any other tweaks to make this work besides the crypt change?

If so, very cool.  Also I can make a webpage and PDF to post for public
download to make this easy to find for anyone else, right now the only
documentation is an old post to this list.  I love webmin, and now just a
little more :-)

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