[K12OSN] ldap sucess!!! AND webmin

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Mon Jul 17 15:37:07 UTC 2006

You may want to try a different brand of cdr or burn at a slower speed.
I've got a batch of 100 that a lot of older cd-roms have trouble reading
if burned at full speed but work fine if I burn at 16-20x

but, yes, network installation, if nothing else, is great because I
don't have to do the swapperoo with all the disks.


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> Ok, so the one time I decide not to do a media check THREE out of 5
> discs fail. but all md5sums pass.  And no matter how many I burn them
> they always fail.  NFS install is my new friend that's for sure.  Also
> the new webmin-1.290-1 has the samba create user part fixed with
> create users from batch file. One thing I noticed: with creating users
> with pre encrypted passwords, it would only work if you set the module
> to use {crypt}.  Thank you guys for all the help.  Sorry to put you
> through all that idiocy.  Chuck I'm definitely interested in what you
> do to manipulate all this stuff.
> Thanks,
> Pet

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