[K12OSN] Can't login at clients after installing RC1

dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Mon Jul 17 18:50:50 UTC 2006

Ok, I installed RC1 after removing the RAID card. Now, I can boot the thin clients, but cannot login using any of the accounts.  We use LDAP (created/configured using David Trask's and Matt's script).  It works for the other K12servers (we have 3) which are running FC4.  I can (as root) su - someaccount at the FC5 K12 server and become the user.  However, trying to log in as the user, I get authentication denied.  Used the authentication GUI to change add LDAP as the authentication mechanism (?).  I have disabled SELinux and rebooted, but nothing seems to work.

At a loss for what the issue is.

Dave Hopkins
Newark Charter School

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