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Re: [K12OSN] RAID issues with K12 RC1

On Tue, 18 Jul 2006, Jim Kathan wrote:

This is primarily for Eric.

The 64-bit RAID driver in the 64-bit version of FC5 within K12 is really old
and outdated, from 2004, I believe. But even when I attempted to slip in the
newest, I still received the same issues as before, but this time, it got to
formatting 99% of the drive and then froze. I can get you the exact error if
you like. I will try the RC2 tomorrow. Thanks for all the hard work!

If it freezed during installation, then RC2 won't make a difference to you :-(

The Fedora Unity Project is building re-spun versions of FC5 that use a
newer kernel for the installer:   http://fedoraunity.org/

The only download link I saw was for BitTorrent, so I hope you know how
to use that ;-)

In theory (I have not tested this in a while, so I may miss a step or two...),
you can do an install off of stock FC5 discs (or the re-spun Fedora Unity
discs) and manually set the K12LTSP network defaults:

	eth1: dhcp (or whatever static IP you have for your network)

After the OS install completes, download and install the k12ltsp-release
package. Currently that is:

	wget ftp://k12linux.mesd.k12.or.us/pub/K12LTSP/testing/5.0.0-64bit/x86_64/Fedora/RPMS/k12ltsp-release-5.0.0-0d.noarch.rpm

	rpm -ihv k12ltsp-release-5.0.0-0d.noarch.rpm

The install the K12LTSP meta-packages:

	yum install k12ltsp-core k12ltsp-education k12ltsp-extras

After the these packages and their dependancies are installed, run this


and finally reboot.

If all the magic worked, you should now have a K12LTSP server.


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