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On my system, when I log into the course as the course teacher, under
Administration, I see a green link beside "Grades ..." on the left hand
side that gives me a gradebook. It can be saved as Excel or text file.
The entries can be changed by marking the student's work. I have used it
to produce a marks sheet, by exporting and applying weighting in the
spreadsheet. If one were smart, one would give marks that add to 100 or
1000 or 10000 for the course so the total or average would make sense.
That is difficult with mid-term reports... but I just do the appropriate
maths in the spreadsheet. You can use OpenOffice to import a cell from a
spreadsheet using the mail/merge procedures to make a more polished
report at print time.  
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> I just installed Moodle on a cpanel server and I don't see a
> gradebook.  How
> do you get to it?  Is it invisible until there are courses?  Can you
> do
> anything w/ the grades, like make a report card or progress report?
> Thanks
> kari

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