[K12OSN] add users to global group?

Jim Kathan tkathan at charter.net
Wed Jul 19 21:56:44 UTC 2006

stupid question; I'm still fairly new to K12LTSP and Fedora. How do I add users to a specified group that grants execution rights to multimedia devices within the /dev/ folder, such as the dsp, the mixer, the cdrom?
I've noticed that with a fresh install, it seems terminal users are not allowed access to the sound devices? You try to stream sound via the internet, play local wav sounds, or play the cd player on the server, and the message is "device in use or is locked: access denied" (or was it permission denied?)
A temp workaround was I did a chmod 755 /dev/dsp and chmod 755 /dev/hdc, etc. and then it worked on the terminals.
I don't know why execution rights are locked out to 99% of all users with a default install.
Yes I know this is more a general linux/fedora question, but I have been asking in those chat rooms for more than a week straight and no one will tell me how.
Will some nice, friendly, and generous user on this forum, with alot of patience, help me do this?

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