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[K12OSN] [OT] nx, rdp and edusoft


I'm having an offtopic question about the use af tunneled rdp requests through nx. At our school (pilot project) we're running k12ltsp in the whole school, with the use of an added windows term server. As i'm living in Belgium we cannot simply leave the windows-edu-soft right now, cause most of the linuxedusoft is English only, and only a few are in dutch.
(yes, we are translating ;-)

At this moment we're testing out if it would be possible to put all of our edusoft on a windows TS rackserver in a datacenter, so anyone can access those apps when needen, from within all schools of our community. It would definitly need less hands-on like having 10 TS servers in our schools....
(The schools all have ADSL 3800down/512up)

The connection would be made thourgh an additional FreeNX server, for compression of the whole bunch ;-)
Has anyone ever tried such a setup?
Suggestions? Recommendations?

Any help would be greatly appreciated ;-)


Kevin Verheyen
Sysadmin Sint-Lutgardisschool Schelle

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