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[K12OSN] Best Week Ever (My NELS Wrapup)

I just had the best week ever.

As many of you know the NorthEast Linux Symposium in NH started and ended this week. I was looking forward to it as I have never had the chance to attend ME NELS in the past (I always end up teaching at UMaine that week). I meet many people from all over who were as geeky about OS as I am. The first night I sat and had a couple of beers with Jon "maddog" Hall, Dave Trask, Matt Oquist, Dick Clark (no not that Dick Clark) and a very bright high school student interested in programming as a career. I sit back now and wonder where else I would have a chance to sit down at one table with a group like. The conversations were amazing.

NELS offered everyone a chance to meet people the only know through email. I know I put a face to at least 10 people I knew from online.

I left NELS on wednesday an inspired man. The air at NELS was electric and I have so many ideas for next year that I am not going to get to half of them. My school already has a pretty big deployment of K12LTSP boxes and open source is an integral part of what we do in Glenburn, but I want to keep pushing to make sure the district doesn't sit on laurels. Seeing what others are doing and their excitement about OS has charged me to no end.

I have to thank everyone I met and had conversations with. Thanks to Dave and Matt for putting on such a great conference. Literally the best conference EVER. I hope in the future we can get one going for every state in the union.

And if that wasn't enough. I get home and find out my wife is pregnant. I AM GOING TO BE A FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all this week has brought I haven't been able to sleep as my brain will just not shutdown.

Like I said best week ever. Thanks again to everyone at NELS. Here's to next year.

Tim Hart
Glenburn School District

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