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Re: [K12OSN] OT off site backup

I have a dedicated box for BackupPC on each site, Dell PE 830 (~$1500.00 Educational discount price), so I won't need to actually take the box to the site. This is a remote backup in case of catastrophic damage, hopefully it will never get used...

Les Mikesell wrote:
On Sat, 2006-07-22 at 12:13, Mark Gumprecht wrote:
Sounds good to me, I really like the pooling method and I have not had
any problems with restoring or backing up. 

The problem you will have with the backup offsite is that it
will take days to push it back down the T1.  That's not so
much of a problem for the initial backup if you start it on
a Friday before you go home and let it complete over the
weekend.  Subsequent runs with rsync should complete overnight.
But you won't want to take that long if you ever have to
restore a whole disk.  It may never even happen, but you
should have a plan to speed up the process just in case.
Throwing the server in the trunk of your car and giving
it local IP address where you need it is the brute force
approach but with a little planing you might come up with
something easier.


´╗┐Mark Gumprecht
Unity, Maine 04988
gumprechtm msad3 org

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