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Re: [K12OSN] Need advice on network setup for school

On 24/07/06, kyle caliberis com <kyle caliberis com> wrote:
I'm looking for opinions on the best way to set up new servers and the
network in general at a school that I do volunteer work for. Last year
following the untimely demise of the Windows 2000 Server computer that
served as the DC and file/print server, we successfully configured a
Fedora Core 4 box as a PDC to take its place.

I believe that my final solution will involve the following software
- VMWare Server
- Samba
- Squid Proxy
- Dan's Guardian

My $0.02 worth:
Out of the 6 wishes above 5 will be met with k12ltsp. The sixth -
VMWare server for virtualised win server - is also met but subject to
whatever licensing terms set by MS$ and VMWare.

Setup would be simple and quick with virtually no overhead but as
needed for user management.
Sudev Barar

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