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Re: [K12OSN] Need advice on network setup for school

David Trask wrote:
kyle caliberis com on Sunday, July 23, 2006 at 9:53 PM +0000 wrote:
1) Centralized authentication and authorization - This was the main
benefit we received initially from moving away from computers that were
connected in a "workgroup" mode and implementing a Windows domain and
allows for much better control over the management of the workstations.

Samba/LDAP will be your best bet here IMHO.  It's what I use....one server
serves both platforms.  It serves as the domain controller for Windows
(and can do roaming profiles if you're using 2000 or XP) and it also
serves as the authentication for the Linux side as well and can store the
users home directories and export them via NFS to mount on the K12LTSP
server (transparently....home=home).   http://www.majen.net/smbldap

Do you use the smbldap server as the dhcp server as well? Seems like a good place to distribute load between multiple ltsp server nodes.


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