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Re: [K12OSN] Need advice on network setup for school

On Jul 23, 2006, at 8:53 PM, kyle caliberis com wrote:

6) Virtualization - The move of clients to Linux could go much quicker if an environment was available in which to run those Windows applications
for which no alternatives have been found if they could be run in a
virtual machine. I believe that I can achieve this using the free VMWare
server as a host for Windows 98 and that the licensing of the Windows
operating system allows for the machine code to execute on a single
machine with no restrictions of the number of instances of code that can
run on the single machine.

3) Three identically configured Compaq 6400R servers. These servers have
4GB RAM, three 18GB drives, and 4 500Mhz PIII Xeon processors.

6) No money (although when all other options have been exhausted some can
be located at times)

What you probably want is to make one server the central file store and authentication. Put all the SCSI disks in there (except on for each of the other two servers) and make it a RAID 5. Split up the other two servers so they issue nonoverlapping addresses but serve the same pool of clients. Primitive load balancing essentially.

My only concern is if those machines have enough horsepower to run VMware. If you can get the money, you might make that P4 into a windows server and run applications though terminal services. WINE would be the best option though if you can get your apps working with that. Codeweavers makes a nice commercial version with an easy install and support. It's affordably priced too so thats worth a look if you want to go the that route.

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