[K12OSN] smbldap installer on fc5 64bit

Ken Arany ken at gccsda.com
Mon Jul 24 15:29:57 UTC 2006


I have been working with FC5 64bit RC2. I have everything installed the 
way I would like it to be, but I'm still having a problem with smbldap. 
Both Samba and ldap work fine until I install the smbldap installer from 
www.majen.net/smbldap latest-bleeding-edge. I have tested to the point 
where I have two identical servers with the exact same install. On the 
first server I start smb and ldap they will stay running for hours 
without giving any problems and I can run 'net getlocalsid' and it will 
respond with the sid. However the second server that I try to install, 
first with the smldap-install and then the smbldap-configure, it 
completes the first script, but then fails getting the local sid in the 
second script. I have tried getting the sid manually with 'net 
getlocalsid' and the response that I get back is this:

[2006/07/24 11:08:20, 0] lib/smbldap.c:smb_ldap_setup_conn(638)
  ldap_initialize: Bad parameter to an ldap routine

I get this message over and over again until I crtl+C.  When I try to 
connect to the ldap with ldapbrowser it will authenticate, but says that 
"list fails" even though ldap is started and running according to 
'service ldap status'.

I believe that I have everything I need installed on the server


I'm not sure what I've done wrong, but I really need to get these 
servers out soon. Can anyone help me with this please?
Thanks in advance

Ken Arany
Georgia-Cumberland Conference
IT Services

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