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Re: [K12OSN] vlc multicast (whoohoo! ) pulling preferences

The contents of /etc/skel are copied to new users' $HOME directory when the user account is created. So, putting .vlc in /etc/skel won't do anything for your existing users, but any future users you create will get the .vlc directory. Create a new user and see if the VLC settings are correct. Assuming it works as desired, you can then write a script to copy .vlc into the existing users' home directories.


Peter Hartmann wrote:
Hey all,
i finally got vlc multicast working.  Wow, I can't beleive how well it
works and syncs in a lab!  Even the sound syncs perfectly!  But I'm
trying to get the right settings for vlc for everyone. I tried putting
a  .vlc folder in /etc/skel with all the right stuff but it doen't get
pulled from there when I start vlc from a client. Does anybody know
how to do this?


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