[K12OSN] Bind/named not working

Mark Gumprecht gumprechtm at msad3.org
Tue Jul 25 15:32:28 UTC 2006

I lost power in the middle of finishing up a smb/ldap domain controller. 
Now when it boots it hangs on the "named" startup. The logs don't 
indicate anything, but after doing an interactive startup, if I skip 
named,nfs,smb, it will come up. If I try to start/restart/status of 
named, I get "connection refused: rndc failed to connect". So from here 
I know bind is not working. I googled, but can't seem to find a 
definitive answer. I tried to reinstall bind, but that didn't work. I 
could just blow the server and reload it, Certainly would take less time 
than I have in it right now, But, being still new to linux and never 
having had a software failure in linux before, seems like a prime 
opportunity for some OJT.
Any help Appreciated.

Mark Gumprecht
Unity, Maine 04988
gumprechtm at msad3.org

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