[K12OSN] Bind/named not working

Nick Hadgis nick.hadgis at gmail.com
Tue Jul 25 17:45:25 UTC 2006

Hi Mark,
I've run into this before on FC5

1) boot server in single user mode
- At the grub boot screen, press any key
- Select the kernel entry from the grub menu and press 'e' to edit this line
- Select the line starting with "kernel /vmlinuz...." and press 'e' to
edit this line
- At the end of this line, add 'single' [then press enter] to boot in
single user mode
- On the next screen press 'b' to boot this line
- your system will boot to a root prompt
2) stop named from starting on server boot (chkconfig named off)
3) reboot your server (your server will not boot in single user mode)

When the server comes back up, open a root console and see if named
will start up now (service named start)

If named starts up OK, don't forget to have named start during the
next reboot (chkconfig named on)

This worked for me, sorry, I don't know the hows/whys.


On 7/25/06, Mark Gumprecht <gumprechtm at msad3.org> wrote:
> I lost power in the middle of finishing up a smb/ldap domain controller.
> Now when it boots it hangs on the "named" startup. The logs don't
> indicate anything, but after doing an interactive startup, if I skip
> named,nfs,smb, it will come up. If I try to start/restart/status of
> named, I get "connection refused: rndc failed to connect". So from here
> I know bind is not working. I googled, but can't seem to find a
> definitive answer. I tried to reinstall bind, but that didn't work. I
> could just blow the server and reload it, Certainly would take less time
> than I have in it right now, But, being still new to linux and never
> having had a software failure in linux before, seems like a prime
> opportunity for some OJT.
> Any help Appreciated.
> Mark
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