[K12OSN] problem with smbldap installation on fc5_rc2 64 bit.

Ken Arany ken at gccsda.com
Wed Jul 26 15:44:23 UTC 2006

I've been trying to get k12ltsp 64 bit running with smbldap all summer 
without success...

1. I install fc5_rc2, and ltsp works fine.
2. I install smbldap-installer (bleeding-edge version)

when I run smbldap-configure, it completes the first script, but then 
fails getting the local sid in the second script

After this, SMBd dead, but process ID still exists, (nmbd still 
running). - LTSP ldap user LOGIN OK.

I've tried downgrading SMB to 3.0.22, same error

Over the last 2 months, I tried every combination I could think of - 
trying to get "cookie-cutter" server solution for our school system.
Either smbldap breaks ltsp logins, or it breaks samba...

 I've tried  to get any combination of 64 bit to run with smbldap 
without success -
    a.) cent-os  doesn't find my sata drives
    b.) fc5_rc1 installs fine, but smbldap breaks ltsp login for smb users
    c.) fc5_beta12 installs fine, same as b. above
    d.) fc5_beta10 installs fine, smbldap server hangs on reboot - until 
I downgrade nss_ldap, - still breaks ltsp login for smb users
    e.)ltsp 4.4.1 and lower don't find my sata drives

Hardware - MSI board with x2 3800 proc and 2 GB ram, and sata drives.

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