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Re: [K12OSN] offsite backup?

Will you have 50GB of data right from the start or will it grow to that size over time? If this is just regular user data, not databases--you mentioned their home directories--even if it starts at 50GB, the day-to-day changes will be much smaller than that. With that in mind, you might setup another machine in some other place, say, the basement of your house, that runs an rsync script every night to copy the day's changes from the non-profit's office to your basement. Getting the initial 50GB onto the remote machine over the internet would be a pain, so take it into the non-profit's office, have it rsync over the LAN to build the initial copy, then take the box home and let rsync run each night. I do this for a few organizations that I support on the side. It's automatic, nobody has to do anything, and just about any old machine will suffice for the remote box.


Paul Lemke wrote:
Hi all, So i'm working with a non-profit to get a network going. We have pretty much
everything taken care of except 1 thing... offsite backup. Currently we have
1 server with a 160gb raid hdd. Currently they have a 5gb tape drive...
which obviously isn't going to work to backup the 50gb I'm estimating for
their home directories. Just glancing at tape drives... they seem really
really expensive. So I've only come up with a few solutions. None of which i like. 1. purchase a tape drive - seems too expensive 2. some kind of online backup - seems too expensive, and the place is only on a slow cable connection so upload is not very fast. 3. burn a few DVD's every week. - I like the "snapshot" but someone would
have to sit there and plop in a new blank dvd when it takes more than just 1
blank dvd, not to mention the reoccurring costs of the dvd's.
4. USB Hard drive - fast, easy, cheap (saw a 320gb 1 for $150 today), but
the reliability is an issue.
Out of the 4, I like the USB hard drive the best. I'm just worried about
reliability. I can imagine the secretary taking the hard drive home with her
and dropping it on the floor and then it's busted. Or it falls off the desk
or something and they are screwed. So the questions... 1. Is a USB hdd backup a reliable solution? 2. What other alternatives are there that i'm missing?

And what software would you recommend?
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