[K12OSN] offsite backup?

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Wed Jul 26 19:20:12 UTC 2006

a nice slow and steady backuppc over the weekend? ;)

Paul Lemke wrote:
> Hi all, 
> So i'm working with a non-profit to get a network going. We have pretty much
> everything taken care of except 1 thing... offsite backup. Currently we have
> 1 server with a 160gb raid hdd. Currently they have a 5gb tape drive...
> which obviously isn't going to work to backup the 50gb I'm estimating for
> their home directories. Just glancing at tape drives... they seem really
> really expensive. 
> So I've only come up with a few solutions. None of which i like. 
> 1. purchase a tape drive - seems too expensive 
> 2. some kind of online backup - seems too expensive, and the place is only
> on a slow cable connection so upload is not very fast. 
> 3. burn a few DVD's every week. - I like the "snapshot" but someone would
> have to sit there and plop in a new blank dvd when it takes more than just 1
> blank dvd, not to mention the reoccurring costs of the dvd's.
> 4. USB Hard drive - fast, easy, cheap (saw a 320gb 1 for $150 today), but
> the reliability is an issue. 
> Out of the 4, I like the USB hard drive the best. I'm just worried about
> reliability. I can imagine the secretary taking the hard drive home with her
> and dropping it on the floor and then it's busted. Or it falls off the desk
> or something and they are screwed. 
> So the questions... 
> 1. Is a USB hdd backup a reliable solution? 
> 2. What other alternatives are there that i'm missing?
> And what software would you recommend? 
> Thanks!
> Paul 
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