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RE: [K12OSN] offsite backup?

That's a good idea. I'll just get 2 and rotate them every other week or

Does fc5 have any issues reading USB hard drives? 


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Paul Lemke wrote:
> Out of the 4, I like the USB hard drive the best. I'm just worried about
> reliability. I can imagine the secretary taking the hard drive home with
> and dropping it on the floor and then it's busted. Or it falls off the
> or something and they are screwed. 

As you said, they are cheap. Buy two and rotate.

> So the questions... 
> 1. Is a USB hdd backup a reliable solution?

I'd think it's reliable enough if you have some redundancy. Maybe
Mon-Wed-Fri on one, Tue-Thu-Sat on the other?

> 2. What other alternatives are there that i'm missing?

A slow uplink might be OK if you're only transferring diffs over the
network (see software recommendations) and doing it only during off-peak
hours (at night). Maybe not too expensive if someone trusted can either
host at home or at a partner organization.

> And what software would you recommend? 

Some things to check out:

These might be applicable to either offsite or rotated removable hard
drives. Whatever you do, test your backups. Only thing worse than no
backups are backups you _think_ work, but really don't.

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