[K12OSN] Server choices

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Wed Jul 26 20:55:30 UTC 2006

> RAID controllers are similar to HP/Compaqs.  When the machine is 
> going through its power on self test (POST), you'll probably see 
> some message about pressing some key to access the RAID controller. 

Most often it is ctrl+a

As Petre said use the SCSI utility to create your containers.  You will have
two containers to provide your 2+5 setup.  There is an easy setup tool in the
PERCs.  Choose that option, it will walk you right through things.  First
container just hit spacebar to add your first two 146's to container0 and set
to mirror.  Then run again to add the last five 146's to container1 and set to
RAID 5.  You can set them up in a different order but by default the PERC is
set to boot to container0.  If you change the boot drive to a later number
container use the utility to select a different boot drive.  

A quick tip, pay attention to the F key commands at the bottom of the screen.
 The utility isn't very user friendly until you get used to it.
> spending other people's money.)  The driver that Dell said they'd 
> provide allows the kernel to talk to the RAID controller.  Yes, it 
> will probably work with Fedora; as mentioned, 

I have used Redhat drivers for Fedora on PERC SATA and SCSI cards just fine. 
However the drivers you get from Dell are preloaded for you with their setup
CDROM and that CD will only work with Redhat.  So you will need to download
the driver from Dells website and throw it on a floppy.  Then do your Fedora
install as you normally would except when the boot cd first loads instead of
hitting enter for the default install, at the command line type "linux dd"
without the quotes.  This will prompt you from your linux driver disks before
attempting to load the OS.  This will let the installer find and load your
RAID controller so it can find your disks.

Hope that helps.

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