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[K12OSN] "UNIX group resolution from LDAP"

I'm having trouble joining the smbldap server from windows (although I
can browse to the PDC in My Network Places and see a users home by
entering a  username and password) and looking back I missed this:

getent passwd | grep root

but not:
root:x:0:512:Netbios Domain Administrator:/home/root:/bin/false

although in webmin I see that root is in the secondary group of Domain
Admins (512).

also getent group doesn't output any of this type of stuff:

Domain Admins:x:512:root
Domain Users:x:513:ctrask,ntrask,otrask  (you know what I mean)
Domain Guests:x:514:

Also I seem to remember that an "Administrator" account was supposed
to be automatically created and mapped to root but I don't see that

Is this old documentation I'm working from or do you think there's
something wrong.


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