[K12OSN] offsite backup?

Yancey B. Jones ybjones at one.net
Thu Jul 27 05:41:59 UTC 2006

> That's a good idea. I'll just get 2 and rotate them every 
> other week or something. 
> Does fc5 have any issues reading USB hard drives? 
> Paul 

You could also look at www.ahsay.com for an offsite backup solution. The
client and server both run on Linux (it is written in Java). I use the OEM
verion to provide remote backup solutions to my customers and I have both
Linux and Windows clients. You do the initial backup to a removable drive
and then copy that to the backup server.

The nice thing about this backup software is that you have a good deal of
choice over the retention of the files, a Web based interface for restoring
individual files, and it uses file differentials to back up large files that
have changed.

You do have the initial cost involved for the software and hardware but it
is cheaper than an 80GB DAT drive and a round of tapes but more expensive
then the USB hard drives (though I am not a big fan of that type of "backup"
for an enterprise). The software can also be set up on the server side to
replicate the backups to another server, so if the primary server fails, it
is a very quick switch to the backup server. The files are synced as they
come in so the servers ae usually never more than 5 minutes apart on the


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