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[K12OSN] The K12 Open Source Interview Series Has Begun

Last night Miguel Guhlin  and I interviewed Dr. David Thornburg on the
use of Free and Open Source Software in schools. This was the first of
a series of webcast interviews we will be conducting on this topic, to
be broadcast live each Thursday night at 5:00pm Pacific Time and then
made available in recorded form.

Next week, tune in for our interview with Jim McQuillan, the
co-founder and project lead of the Linux Terminal Server Project
(LTSP), and Daniel Howard, who has been instrumental in working with
the Atlanta Public Schools on a broad deployment plan for Linux thin
client. You can leave questions for them in advance at
http://www.k12opensource.com/interviews, where you can also find
instructions on joining the webcast.

To hear or download our interview with Dr. Thornburg, visit
http://educationbridges.net/k12opensource, which also has the RSS
feeds for the interview series. (Many thanks to Dave Cormier, Jeff
Lebow, and Worldbridges for all the support!)

Steve Hargadon
steve hargadon com
916-899-1400 direct

www.SteveHargadon.com - (Blog on Educational Technology)
www.K12Computers.com - (Refurbished Dell Optiplexes for Schools)
www.TechnologyRescue.com - (Linux Thin Client Solutions)
www.LiveKiosk.com - (Web Access and Content Delivery Solutions)
www.PublicWebStations.com - (Disaster & Shelter WebStation Software)
www.K12OpenSource.com (Public Wiki)
www.SupportBlogging.com (Public Wiki)

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