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Re: [K12OSN] Connecting a Printer - How?

I have a 20 seat computer lab at a school.  All the lab computers are edubuntu; computers on teachers' desks are Win2000.  I have a laser printer in the lab.  I assigned an ip address to it outside the ubuntu server's dhcp range.  Then, I added the printer on every edubuntu workstation.  I don't use a print server.  I know this doesn't help you, but I just thought I'd share a configuration that works great for me.

So I'm curious (and Im sure this is a dumb question):  Why do you need a print server?  Is that required for the LTSP network?


On 7/28/06, Ken Johnson <ken tech1 gmail com> wrote:
A few years ago I set up a 9 node K12LTSP network in a classroom and had great success/fun with it. Now I need to set up a 15 node network in a computer lab in a church.

How do I connect a printer that all the workstations can print to? In my earlier network, the printer was connected directly to the server.

In this incarnation, the server will be located in another room, and the printer needs to be in the lab with the workstations.

At home (on a Windows network) I have a print server connected to my router and any machine can reach my USB printer.

Can I connect a commercial print server (D-link DP 300U) to the switch that feeds the clients? I don't want to attach the printer to a  workstation.

Ken Johnson

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