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[K12OSN] few questions

I am finalizing my setup for the new school.

Within the lts.conf file, how specific can I make custom settings per Mac Address (which will each be linked to user logins, ie., specific staff members). I want some teachers to be able to change their desktops, etc., and other things, but some users not to. I don’t want any of the students to be able to modify things.

Also, can I completely prevent people from saving their files and documents to the root folder? Or are they locked out by default, if they are not logged in as root.

My colleague brought up a good point, which was that we have to test and ‘break’ everything before the users get in so I can know how secure Fedora is with Gnome as the interface. He wanted me to login as non-root and see how destructive I can be.

I am basically out of time for all this, so I was wondering if anyone had any wisdom to share, if they have gone over these things already.

Thanks in advance!

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