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Re: [K12OSN] backup solution for K12

I use some years now this script:
Just delete estonian comments and leave english comments.
crontab -u root -e
command i wrote one additional line:
00 19 * * * /root/varukoopia
and server creates incremental backup every night at 19:00 from directory to directory specified in script varukoopia.sh

I found this script from LinuxFocus magazine some years ago. It's very easy and clever solution.
Article in LinuxFocus magazine, March/April 2004:

Olle Niit

Jim Kathan wrote:

What’s the simplest way to run daily or weekly backups for K12… should I just make a copy of the /home/ folder (which houses everyone’s desktop and personal settings)… will it be easy to import that back onto a new install of K12Fedora if something goes south? Will I have to redo all the file permissions?

And, what’s a good, reliable way to make a full backup of the Fedora install? I have used things like BackupMYPC before, and Symantec BackupExec for automated backups.



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