[K12OSN] Picasa...also now on LInux!

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Thu Jun 1 13:02:21 UTC 2006

> I have tried it also, and I agree, it works well. One thing is not so
> good though. When you launch it and tells it to look through the entire
> computer for images, it actuallt finds every image on the server. That
> is a lot. I want it only to find images within the students home-folders.
> Does anyone know a solution for this?

The only easy way to do that is to select the second choice
in the opening screen 'scan only the desktop', and then manually
add back in the directories you would like to scan.

Hopefully a future version will allow a different set
of choices that would make this a bit easier.

(And if folks do get this working reasonably well on a
multi thin client setup, let me know; I would have told you
that wouldn't have worked :-/).



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