[K12OSN] NX works great . . . mostly!

Dr. Daniel Loomis drloomis at cox-internet.com
Fri Jun 2 00:29:52 UTC 2006

Peter Sheie was spot in when he wrote that NX is so much better than VNC 
. . . when it works.  Even over a wireless connection with my laptop the 
screen response is comparable to being on a local console.  I have 
successfully connected to an ltsp server running Fedora 5 and a 
PCLinuxOS 0.93 workstation.  I even had a good NX connection to a 
FreeBSD 6.1 box before it mysteriously quit working and now refuses to 
reconnect.  Getting NX to work seems a mostly hit or miss proposition.

I am using Rick Stout's patched versions of freenx and nx for Fedora, 
available at:


Getting the ssh validation with public/private keys is relatively 
straightforward.  But another ltsp server running Fedora 3, I get only 
timeouts no matter how I tweek it.  Validation completes, but it never 
negotiates a link.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times, 
but to no avail.

Anyone else having this kind of problem?  Moreover, anyone have a clue 
as to what I should try next?


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