[K12OSN] Northeast Linux Symposium at UNH - July 16th-19th

David Trask dtrask at vcsvikings.org
Mon Jun 5 15:10:44 UTC 2006

Much of what I have sent the past few weeks has been focused on the
Northeast Linux Symposium at Gould Academy (June 17th-20th).  Now that the
Gould NELS is almost upon us, it is time to turn some of that focus toward
the next NELS which will be held at the University of New Hampshire (July
16th-19th).  The UNH NELS is a little different than the one at Gould. 
it’s later in the summer which may be more convenient for some
more focused on Technology Coordinators
System Administrators
.School Administrators
company IT
computer teachers
. as well as Linux newbies who fit in
any of the roles mentioned above.  

To register for the UNH Northeast Linux Symposium....please visit our web
site at  http://www.nelinux.net  and click on "NELS Registration for
University of New Hampshire"  (top right side of page)  UNH is handling
the registrations and accepts all kinds of payment...PO's, credit card,
and checks.

Great rooms...great meals....great conference....all included for one fee!

UNH: Focus on system administrators

UNH is going to extend into more technical depth than we've been able to
attain at Gould in the past. We've already lined up an entire
intro-to-programming track that will take a total newbie through
shell-scripting and into some Python programming over the course of three
days -- it will be intense, but intentionally practical for overworked
system administrators who want to make their lives easier through
intelligent automation of some system administration tasks.

Tips, Tricks, and Windows network integration!

Learn a lot of tips and tricks to make system management a LOT easier. 
Scripting, automation, backup
and much more!  See open source development
in action! Many of the things that have been discussed on the various
lists I subscribe to
.the conferences I’ve attended and presented at
well as in private conversations with many of you
.are being covered at
NELS.  Simple servers, DHCP, DansGuardian internet content filtering,
integration/authentication in a Windows network
.and much more!  Wanna’
learn more!  Join us!  For those of you who’ve asked how can you integrate
Linux in a Windows network such as Active Directory?  No problem!  We’ll
not only show you how to do it yourself, but we will also have a couple
sponsors present whose products are essentially “drop-in” solutions for
Linux in a Windows network!

Much more! 

Install a Moodle server
.learn BASH command line tricks
.Linux disaster recovery
.and a whole lot more!

The new Ubuntu Linux and Edubuntu (education version of Ubuntu) have just
been released!  We’ll get a great first-hand look at these at NELS
with a chance to meet with some folks who’ve been intimately involved in
development!  We’ll meet some folks who are behind the Fedora project as

Get your hands dirty on the new Macs with Intel processors!

Apple computer is donating the use of a lab full of new iMacs with Intel
processors so we can play with them!  Imagine offering your users their
choice of operating system!  Windows, OS X, and Linux
all on one machine!  

UNH: SchoolTool development sprint!

Tom Hoffman, SchoolTool project manager, invites you to meet the
SchoolTool developers and critique and contribute to the SchoolTool
student information system at the NorthEast Linux Symposium in Durham, NH!
This year at NELS NH, the SchoolTool will undertake a development sprint,
"a time-boxed period of software development focused on a given list of
The first morning of the conference, the developers will present
SchoolTool, walk you through a hands-on installation of SchoolTool on your
own server, and in collaboration with you, set goals for the next two and
a half days of the programming sprint.
For the rest of the symposium they'll attempt to implement your ideas
while you attend sessions and mingle with folks who are busy making Linux
and Free, Open Source Software happen in the Northeast! At the conclusion
of the symposium, the results of the sprint will be presented for further
feedback. Persons interested in participating in the SchoolTool sprint as
developers should contact Tom Hoffman at [ mailto:hoffman at schooltool.org
]hoffman at schooltool.org.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcsvikings.org

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcsvikings.org

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