[K12OSN] SchoolTool vs. Open Admin / Communication with Moodle?

Tom Hoffman tom.hoffman at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 20:52:56 UTC 2006

On 6/5/06, Onatawahtaw <onatawahtaw at yahoo.ca> wrote:
> Greetings,
> Those who know me, know I am an avid supporter of Open
> Admin for Schools (richtech.ca/openadmin). I have
> recently been hearing about SchoolTool
> (schooltool.org) on this list. From what I've read,
> SchoolTool is starting to work towards many of the
> same features that Open Admin has. While I realize
> that SchoolTool is still in its early stages, does
> anyone know of any features that it will have that
> Open Admin doesn't have?

Hm... I'm probably the only person who could potentially answer that
question from the SchoolTool side, but I don't know enough about Open
Admin.  If you have questions about specific features and where they
fit into the SchoolTool roadmap, I'd be happy to answer them.

> Also, as a side question, has anyone heard of
> combining one of these two Student Information Systems
> with Moodle? Or does anyone know of other school
> administration software that does? Both OpenAdmin and
> SchoolTool have a gradebook (though I haven't been
> able to find SchoolTool's Gradebook - probably because
> it's still in its alpha stage). It would make life so
> much easier to interface one or both of them with
> Moodle.

Yes... our new features are somewhat hidden still...

Integrating with other systems, and Moodle in particular, will become
a big priority over the next year.  In particular, we'd like to see
Edubuntu become a more integrated system.  I'm going to be pitching
the Edubuntu folks to do this via SIF.  Matt Jezorek and I have
started doing some work on SIF agents in Python and PHP over at
http://sifsoft.com   Moodle is implementing the IMS Enterprise
standard for passing class rosters back and forth.  I don't know if or
when that will be supported for grades.

Tom Hoffman
SchoolTool Project Manager

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