[K12OSN] LTSP 4.4.1 client booting fails

Eric Harrison eharrison at mail.mesd.k12.or.us
Tue Jun 6 22:50:56 UTC 2006

Hung Phan wrote:
> I'm using K12LTSP 4.4.1 (Fedora Core 4) with Neoware C50 thin client.
> The server obtain IP through DHCP (and it works) and serve out through
> eth2 (because eth0 inboard is dead, it is Intel Pro 100 eepro100 card)
> The client cannot boot, it keep running tftp......until it timeout. When
> the client boots, I run tail -f /var/log/messages. It shows the client
> obtain an IP, and eventually timeout with PXE.
> Check tftpd, it's running. Check xinetd.d/tftp, nothing changes in the
> file.
> When I check the default kernel at /tftpboot/lts/pxe, it doesn't exist.
> Only the kernel with options compiled 2.4.9-1-kitchen-sink

The terminal kernels are in the ltsp_i386-kernel package. You can verify
that this package is installed with this command:

	rpm -q ltsp_i386-kernel

If it is not installed, here is how to do so:

	yum install ltsp_i386-kernel

If it is installed, this command will verify it is installed properly
(it only displays errors, no output means it is ok)

	rpm -V ltsp_i386-kernel

> I know the thin client works because we test it with different server
> before.
> Can anyone offers some advices, please?

If you are using a stock K12LTSP installation with two network cards,
eth0 has the IP address to run the terminals and eth1 (or
eth2 in your case) connections to the local area network, then I would
recommend running the configuration script and rebooting:


That does not work, or you are running a non-default network
configuration, here is the LTSP trouble-shooting guide:



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