[K12OSN] yum update broke my 5.0.0

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 7 00:48:44 UTC 2006

I did a yum update on K12LTSP 5.0.0 and my system is
hosed!  One of the bootup messages I get is something
like "libpam.so.O cannot open shared object"...

What's the easiest way to fix my system?  I googled
and tried rpm -Uhv --rollback 'june 5' and it seemed
to do something, but didn't fix my problem.  (My
machine is dual-boot, and I used the chroot command
from my good system to try this command).

I cannot log in through GDM, ssh, or a shell.  Any
help would be appreciated.


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