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Rusty Pywtorak rusty at enveloptech.com
Thu Jun 8 15:21:30 UTC 2006

Is this Win2k or 2003? Either way, the problem is that you are running
terminal services in remote administration mode which is limited to two

To fix it, go to add/remove programs and select windows components. Find
terminal services. In Win2003 you will need to check the box and click
next. In Win2k the box should already be checked, just click next. For
Win2k it will then ask whether you want remoted admin mode or
application server mode. You must choose application server mode.

Note that you will also need a terminal services licensing server. It
can be on the same server as the terminal server. Otherwise your clients
will only get a temporary CAL which is only good for 90 days. You
install terminal services licensing in the same place where you checked
the box for terminal services (the next item below it). Once the
licensing is installed you must then activate it as a licensing server
and then install your licenses (you will need your authorization number
and agreement number if this is open licensing).

One other note about licensing for terminal services--it is normally per
device (although in 2003 you can buy per user CALs). Per device means
that every time you connect from a different device you use another
license, even if it is the same user logging in.

The last note is that by default on a 2003 server users must be a member
of the Remote Desktop Users group in order to access the terminal

Rusty Pywtorak

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I know this is list for Linux support and not M$Win but...I have setup a
win terminal server in the same network with LTSP server and this has 5
user license. LTSP server is the dhcp master and I want users to log in
from rdesktop window within the X log in. I am able to use rdesktop to
connect to the server and log in and work.

Problem is only two users are allowed log in and the third user is
refused log in with max sessions message. I have no idea what to look at
on Win side...any pointers? As I said the win box has 5 user license.
Secondly if I get more licenses how do I enter these in win box?

Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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