[K12OSN] K12LTSP and TESA secure browser

Hung Phan phanh at canby.k12.or.us
Fri Jun 9 02:46:11 UTC 2006

Have anyone experience difficulty installing TESA secure browser?

I able to install the Vanguard secure browser with K12LTSP 4.4.1  
server, but the icon never show up on the desktop.

The problem is with root permission vs admin permission. At the end  
of the installation, where it creates the icon using  
vanguard_start.sh script, it end there due to user permission.

This problem only happens with server but not standalone workstation.

Have anyone got TESA browser appear on the desktop with K12LTSP 4.4.1?

Hung Phan
Network Specialist
Canby School District
1110 S Ivy Ave
Canby, OR 97013

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