[K12OSN] trouble with custom launcher and sshfs

Angus Carr acarr at saskforestcentre.ca
Mon Jun 12 16:54:24 UTC 2006

I'll confirm the behaviour, but I think it's a matter of the processes 
being closed by the shell they are in. If I look at ps -ax after I 
launch the launcher, but before hitting enter, I can see that the 
process is on terminal pts/4 (or whatever). When the bash script closes, 
it closes pts/4, which kills all associated processes.

Try the following adaptation to your script. It will ignore the signals 
to shutdown. I'm sure there are other ways...

Thanks for pointing out that I had it installed. I've been looking for 
ways to do this, and this is a wonderful tool.

Angus Carr.

nohup sshfs user at server:/home/user /home/user/mount_point
echo "Press <ENTER> to continue"

Rob Owens wrote:
> I made a custom launcher that runs a script which
> mounts a folder using sshfs.  The launcher is set to
> "Run in terminal" and the script it runs is:
> #!/bin/bash
> sshfs user at server:/home/user /home/user/mount_point
> echo "Press <ENTER> to continue"
> read
> When I click the launcher, it opens a terminal and
> mounts the remote user's home directory.  But when I
> hit enter, causing the terminal window to disappear,
> the remote directory is unmounted.  (Boy, did it take
> me a long time to figure out that's what was
> happening...)
> So how do I get the remote directory to stay mounted
> without keeping the launcher's terminal window open
> for the entire session?
> Thanks for the help.
> -Rob
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