[K12OSN] Please Review & Comment

Anthony Luscre mo_luscre at mogadore.net
Fri Jun 16 21:14:53 UTC 2006

I am doing a presentation to a group of Tech Coordiantors all around the 
state of Ohio later this month.
I have put together a small booklet on K12LTSP and could use your help.
I know just enough to be dangerous, but really would like to let others 
know about this great project.

So if you could download and review my booklet and send me any 
suggestions/corrections I would be very thankful.
This is only a rough draft and my expert editor (my wife) will proof it 
for grammar, spelling, syntax, etc. so you only need to review it for 

The booklet is available as a PDF at 
http://www.mogadore.net/K12LTSP_booklet.pdf . After downloading it is 
much easier to read if you print it out on two side legal paper and fold 
into booklet.

(A long time reader but a very infrequent writer to the list)


-----Anthony A. Luscre------
---Director of Technology---
---Mogadore Local Schools---
-----Mogadore, Ohio---------

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