[K12OSN] Shutting clients down: was tight vnc connection to ltsp client refused (111 error)

Burke Almquist balmquist at mindfirestudios.com
Sat Jun 17 05:15:13 UTC 2006

Of course if cron (or At) was running on the thin clients (and they  
all have the same read only file system. Then it should indeeed  
shutdown any clients that are on if you set the job for a specific  
time. I'm not sure that the thin client is loading those programs  

On Jun 14, 2006, at 12:10 PM, Angus Carr wrote:

> Could you not set up a cron job which fires off a local program on  
> the terminal?
> ssh -l root ${TERMINAL} haltsys
> As long as there is appropriate keying, and the keys in use don't  
> have passphrases, it should be no problem.
> I keep thinking an automated shutdown with our kiosk terminals  
> would be great. I keep meaning to set up the automatic turning on  
> features, too, but I'm not sure I want to. I'd have to send the  
> wake on lan magic packet, but my terminals (Old Dell's) aren't  
> responding. One day, I will figure it out, but that day is not today.
> Angus Carr.
> Peter Hartmann wrote:
>> Wow! How I've been pining for that ability.  To have a cron job
>> shutting down all terminals at night would be fantastic.  I can't  
>> tell
>> you how many times I've come in on a Saturday to a 100 degree F
>> computer lab!  Ugly waste!!  Would it be possible to remove the
>> shutdown function from run_ltspinfod and give it to a seperate  
>> command
>> with higher permissions?

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