[K12OSN] (OT) K12LTSP/XP dual partition: working ghost image

Nadav Kavalerchik nadavkav at netvision.net.il
Tue Jun 20 05:13:44 UTC 2006

On Monday 19 June 2006 15:51, Alan Hodson wrote:
> Greetings fellow enthusiasts
> Faced with budgetary constraints and pressured by inquisitive minds
> there is a need at the district level to look into using PCs (mostly
> Dells) as dual partition machines. While Knoppix and other forensic
> tools provide a way of partitioning, and K12LTSP provides an ideal dual
> desktop environ, the quest for an image tool (not necessarily Open
> Source) is on. Norton/Symantec ghost tool (huge district license) will
> not provide a working image that out techs can "just drop" into a
> machine and have it be reborn as a dual boot system... Is there anybody
> in the list that has had any luck creating a working image of a
> dual-partitioned hard drive? 

i used mondo to burn a dvd with the entire hard disk image ( all partitiions, 
or just the ones you use) and now we duplicate ltsp machines from this rescue 
dvd in 30 min. (on the same hardware) 

if you just want to partition copy on of the partition or save it to a file...

( i use it too, very cool tool :-)

enjoy :-)

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