[K12OSN] K12LTSP - How easy was that!

Dave Hopkins dahopkins at comcast.net
Thu Jun 22 02:14:52 UTC 2006

Odd question, but could pgina (http://www.pgina.org/) be installed on 
the WinXP Pro system in addition to the xpunlimited software and thus 
allow validation of users against a Linux/Samba/LDAP/PDC, in essence 
achieving the effect of a Windows TS in the domain?  I don't have the 
hardware 'laying around' to test this as it currently stands.

Dave Hopkins

Les Finch wrote:
> Also this is downloadable from http://www.xpunlimited.com and works when
> install on xp pro with 3 users or $125.00 unlimited
> Les
> On Wed, 2006-06-21 at 10:00 -0400, steve gilmore wrote:
>> If I might add a few points. Connecting to a default Windows XP pro, is 
>> limited to a single remote administrative session ( see note). Thus if an 
>> administrator account logs in , other users are informed their session will 
>> be terminated. As a limited user they might not have control, but an 
>> administrator could refuse the connection.
>> (note) A few years ago when Microsoft released XP betas for testing, one of 
>> the original files involved multiple connections with remote desktop  :-) . 
>> Thus if one replaces their current file with an older one (termserv.dll)  , 
>> multiple independant remote connections are possible. How many, depends on 
>> the strength of the target machine. If you create local users on the target 
>> XP machine, change them to limited users, and permit local security policy 
>> for them to login via network, then the administrator may view all user 
>> connections at the task manager  etc..
>> XP must not be part of a domain and have fast user switching enabled.
>> I can't say yea or nay vis a vis the EULA, since no one complains about 
>> multiple vnc connections or multiple pc-anywhere connections or radmin 
>> connections, then you decide. After all , it is an original microsoft file.
>> http://sala.pri.ee/?page_id=11
>> SteveG
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>>> It also allows K12LTSP to be a cheaper way to deploy windows.  In the case 
>>> of
>>> a normal Terminal Services install you would need either a local copy of
>>> Windows XP or the like on your box in order to connect, or you would need 
>>> a
>>> local license of Windows CE for a terminal to connect, which both cost 
>>> money.
>>> And you would need a terminal services license for every concurrent
>>> connection to the terminal server.  By using LTSP you can avoid the costs 
>>> of
>>> the local Windows XP or CE install only needing the terminal services 
>>> license
>>> (CAL).
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