[K12OSN] Dual monitor video card

Dr. Daniel Loomis drloomis at cox-internet.com
Fri Jun 23 21:27:24 UTC 2006

I am currently using an ATI rage 64 (agp) as primary and and old Matrox 
Millenium II  (pci) to run dual monitors on my server.  The setup works 
well enough, but I would like to upgrade the video card to something a 
little more current.  The motherboard is a  Tyan  S2460 with single agp 
2x/4x slot.

I do not play games on the server, but do process a lot of video, so 
latest and greatest is not important.  Solid Linux support is of much 
greater importance.

Any suggestions for a suitable dual-head agp card.  ATI, Nvidia or whatever.


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