[K12OSN] XP/pc loggin into K12LTSP

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 24 15:02:02 UTC 2006

You can use VNC do access the K12LTSP servers. 
Download TightVNC Viewer for windows here: 

By centralization of servers, do you mean that kids
will have to be accessing these servers over the
internet/vpn?  Or just from a different room in the
same building?

I've used freenx and nomachine's nx client on a CentOS
system and I preferred it greatly over VNC.  What kind
of troubles were you having with it?


--- Alan Hodson <ahodson at elp.rr.com> wrote:

> Greetings 
> The centralization of all servers that the district
> is keen on
> implementing has placed the student access to LTSP
> resources in
> jeopardy. I know there are users/geekmasters in the
> list that use remote
> logins. I've played with PXEX-1.2, and nomachine.com
> configurations with
> limited success. What are some other viable options
> to allow kids using
> xp boxes to access LTSP servers? (port info crucial)
> Help/hints appreciated.
> Alan Hodson
> El Paso ISD, TX
> http://links.episd.org/
> -=o=- 
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