[K12OSN] gnome vfs default permissions

Rob Owens hick518 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 25 20:42:39 UTC 2006

I'm trying to use gnome's "connect to server..."
feature to access an ssh server.  It defaults to
giving permissions of rwxr-xr-x and I really need to
have group write permission.  

It seems strange to me that gnome-vfs is adding this
extra layer of permissions.  I would have expected the
permissions to be exactly as they are on the server,
but this is not the case.  If you want to see what I
mean, mount a volume using the "connect to server..."
gui and then right-click on the icon that shows up on
your desktop.  The "permissions" tab shows rwxr-xr-x
and says the owner and group are root.

Anybody know how to change this?


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