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We have done different things with this.

I have students complete a digital portfolio for my class.

Here are a couple of random ones from  PreCalc class I taught.

http://student.culver.org/~tosil/math/ and 


These are from an old model where I had students doing projects piecewise with 
links. I have them do self-contained projects now (they have a complete copy of 
the project in their home directory) but I am teaching Algebra 1 and the 
content/form is not so slick.

http://student.culver.org/~sakkan/math/ (sorry about the colors) and 

http://student.culver.org/~hinseys/math/ are some examples from last grading 

I did a presentation at NCTM on portfolios in 2004, and I might be able to 
dredge up a link if you are interested.

As a school, we are now using Lectora for student portfolios, and students 
track their progress and growth from the admissions letter to graduation in the 
context of signature strengths and their achievements. I did a presentation at 
TABS on this one last November. 

We handed out our TABS presentation in the form of a portfolio burned on CD, 
but the work is not really online.

Teachers here do digital performance portfolios as web pages or Lectora 
portfolios as part of the tenure/review process.  

Regards...   Tom

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