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Tue Jun 27 21:50:05 UTC 2006


Yes, I know I'm double-posting here but, I wanted to let those of you know
that I will still be skimming K12osn at redhat.com because that will push my
knowledge base further but for practical purposes, classroom teachers (and
administrators) need a usage forum.

Thanks, Steve, for setting this up.

My first questions to teachers who are using K12LTSP are:

 Did you set up the virtual desktops for the students in your class?  If so,
Do you use your classroom terminals like learning centers or do you use
another management technique?
What's one of your favorite activities using Open Source with elementary
Does anyone have any good tips for introducing this to K-2 students?

This fall, we will be beginning our Linux adventure.  Each of 9 K-2
classrooms will have 5 K12LTSP workstations along with a K-2 Autism Room
having 2 stations and a K-2 Resource Room having 2 stations. 3 of the
teachers, (one K, one 1st, and one 2nd) attended NELS 2006 at Gould Academy
in Bethel, Maine.  The 3 of us have 1 paid training day to teach the other 6
classroom teachers. The Special Ed. teachers may or may not get funding to
attend the training day.  We're excited (and anxious).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Debbie White
1st/2nd Grade Looping Teacher
Asa C. Adams School
Orono, ME

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