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Wed Jun 28 02:41:16 UTC 2006

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Tue Jun 27 2006 at 17:50 +0000 wrote:
> Did you set up the virtual desktops for the students in your class?  If
>so, how?

You can add icons easily using K12LTSP....you simply log in as root (the
administrator) and that person creates "launchers" or shortcuts and pushes
them to all desktops.  A neater and easier way is to edit the menu....you
can name things anyway you want....and you can create menu groups for
different teachers or classes.  I also recommend using a web page to put
common links that you want kids to visit a lot.....our school web page is
the default home page for everyone and there are lots of links I put in
there for the kids to get to.  Moodle is a great way to do this.
>Do you use your classroom terminals like learning centers or do you use
>another management technique?

I have a complete lab, but many of the teachers I know use it as a station
that groups of kids will rotate to....for example....the teacher may be
working with 5 kids on math.....5 other kids may be reading....and 5 kids
working on the computers....typing a report or something.
>What's one of your favorite activities using Open Source with elementary

Me personally?  I love using KStars with the 3rd graders when they study
the solar system
>Does anyone have any good tips for introducing this to K-2 students?

Don't introduce it.  Treat it as if it were any other computer.  If you
simply begin using them as though they were no different from any other
computers....the kids will be just fine.  I use Linux with all my
kids....K-8....they could care less what it is.  Empower the kids to
change their wallpaper....and so forth....let them "own" their
desktop....it's very empowering to kids and in the process they'll feel
some ownership.  We have a section called "Desktop Wallpaper" on our
school site....feel free to check it out....I show the kids how to
download some pics and change their wallpaper....we usually do this the
first few days.  I wouldn't do it with Kindergarten kids....but starting
with grade 1 it's fine.

David N. Trask
Technology Teacher/Director
Vassalboro Community School
dtrask at vcsvikings.org

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