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Re: [K12OSN] wall-jack thin clients?

ssanders coin org wrote:
I'm sure the Slashdot readers here saw this today. A miniPC that would
make a nice thin client, that fits into an AC jack cutout:


The model above is a bit pricey at I think around USD $390, but there
are lessor models.

Many on here are interested in recycling old PC's for K12OSN I know, but
the 5 watts and micro space make it very interesting for other

While the zdnet link mentions the model that has Windows CE imbedded,
the .pdf prominently mentions Thin Client several times. I'm sure the
Windows CE license adds to the cost. It looks like one of these with a
PXE boot would fit in easily. I want one in the kitchen. And the
bedroom. and the bathroom.

Look more closely at the details.  It's NOT x86. it's an AMD risc chip.

It's not like you can just buy one of these, bolt it to the wall, and be happy.

But, I agree, it is an interesting concept.

Jim McQuillan
jam Ltsp org

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